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Touch Screen Fire Panel

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Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel with Touch Screen

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– Main Power Supply: AC110V 50-60HZ / AC220V 50-60HZ

– Stand-By Battery: Sealed Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery

– Transmission Distance: Tow-Wire Type (divided into subordinate distributing wires) 2KM

– Circuit Voltage: Local Audio/ Fire Alarm Confirm Line/Indicator/Local Phone: DC 24V

Communication Power Supply: AC 32V

– Power Consumption: Main Control Panel Mentoring (Max) : 500mA

Communication Board (per system) Monitoring (Max) : 280mA

– Transmission: Selection/Polling

– Main Audio: Sound-Plus-Voice, Human Voice or Alarm Sound (above 90dB)

– Main Material: Steel Plate of 1.6 mm

– Exterior Processing: Power Coating

– Dimension HxWxD: Wall-Mounted (580x480x180/800x560x200mm/950x560x200mm)


– LCD panel in English (LCD Specification:240X128)

– 17″ color touch LCD panel (optional) with various functions for clients to choose from

a. (Touch) Control panel of fire-fighting equipment at the disaster prevention center

b. Graphic fire monitoring & control system

c. Fire control touch panel (riser diagram)

– Two-wire transmission

– Super-long transmission distance (a maximum of 2 km between the central control unit and the repeater)

– Optional functions of the central control unit

a. A maximum of 2048 addressable points for addressable devices

b. Serial reporting interface: a maximum of 2048 points

c. R-type synchronized auxiliary: connect to a maximum of 16 auxiliary units

d. Possible to interconnect 8 R-type central control units to form a large fire monitoring & prevention network

e. One RS-232 communication port and three RS-485 communication ports to connect with the central computer monitoring system

– Memory device for permanent information storage of a maximum of 2048entries (possible up to 10000 entries)

– Protection for system communication modules

– Detection of communication wire insulation damage

– Protection against lightening surge

– Protection against repeater wiring misconnection

– Staged isolation for repeaters

– Repeater Condition Table

– Protection against leakage for addressable devices

– Editing software configuration for addressable devices

– Automatic weekly testing

– Two-phase-accumulation false reporting prevention

– Backup power saving function

– LCD backlight saving function


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