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Fire Hose Nozzle

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In nozzles the water is fed through a ring-shaped nozzle, whereby a hollow stream of water is produced. In contrast to combination spray nozzles, the water flow is not interrupted when changing from solid to spray jet. A solid jet from a nozzle is more stable because it does not rain out easily. This results in a high throw range. Usually stream patterns and flow rates are continuously adjustable. The stream of water is carved up by a rotating sprocket. This results in very small droplets, which maximizes the extinguishing success.


High-pressure nozzles

High-pressure fire hose nozzles have a discharge pressure of up to 40 bar. Through this high pressure, a strong misting of the water stream is achieved, resulting in high heat absorption capacity. Due to the high recoil forces, they are designed in pistol shape with an arch in the style of a branchpipe.


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