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Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher (Trolly)

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Trolly Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas under extreme pressure.

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Trolly Carbon dioxide extinguishes work by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle. The carbon dioxide is also very cold as it comes out of the extinguisher, so it cools the fuel as well. CO2s may be ineffective at extinguishing Class A fires because they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to successfully put the fire out. Class A materials may also smolder and re-ignite.

CO2s will frequently be found in laboratories, mechanical rooms, kitchens, and flammable liquid storage areas.

All CO2 extinguishers at USC undergo hydrostatic testing and recharge every 2 years.

There are four classes of fires:
Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics.
Class B: Flammable liquids such as alcohol, ether, oil, gasoline and grease, which are best extinguished by smothering.
Class C: Electrical equipment, appliances and wiring in which the use or a nonconductive extinguishing agent prevents injury from electrical shock. Don’t use water.
Class D: Certain flammable metallic substances such as sodium and potassium. These materials are normally not found in the Medical Center.


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